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Дата выпускаНазваниеАвтор(ы)
2018The symbolism of the circle in traditional art (Ukrainian-Irish parallels)Частник, О.С.; Chastnyk, O.S.
2015The types of legal facts in family lawЯвор, О.А.; Yavor, O.A.
2013The Ukrainian State and Legal System in the Early Twenty-First Century: Challenges for Legal ScienceTatsiy, V.Ia.; Тацій, В.Я.
2012The Ukrainian state and legal system in the early twenty-first century: challenges for legal scienceTatsiy, V.Ia.; Тацій, В.Я.
2011The Universal Declaration of Human Rights - the Worldwide Humanism ManifestoTatsiy, V.Ia.; Тацій, В.Я.
2016The Universal Declaration of Human Rights: The Worldwide Humanism ManifestoTatsiy, V.Ia.; Тацій, В.Я.
2017The urban cadastre today: comparative analysisІгнатенко, І.В.; Ihnatenko, I.V.
2017The urban cadastre today: comparative analysisІгнатенко, І.В.; Ignatenko, I.V.; Ihnatenko, I.V.
2014Theory of safety needs (about the theory of arise of physical education)Muntian, V.S.
2016To Integration through Education: Psychological Basis for Perfectioning of Language LearningСорока, Н.А.; Soroka, N.A.
2017To the issues of the main terms in ELTNesterenko, K.V.; Нестеренко, К.В.
2015Translating the Ukrainian Terms «Компетентність» and «Компетенція» into English: How to Face the ChallengeMishchenko, V.; Міщенко, В.Я.
2015Transnational corporations: problematic aspects of international legal regulationЖданюк, Н.В.
2016Trust as an Economic Factor of Sustainable DevelopmentГриценко, О.А.; Hrytsenko, A.; Hrytsenko, O.
2018Two lines of criminal-legal protection of the territorial integrity of Ukraine: problem of collisionРубащенко, М.А.; Rubashchenko, M.A.
2016Ukrainian Higher Education Law: Key Highlights and Relationships with Lithuanian Science and Study PolicyShapoval, R.V.; Шаповал, Р.В.; Matulienė, S.; Juodkaitė-Granskienė, G.
2017Ukrainian Legislation for Safeguarding Agroecosystems and Environmental Health: The Challenges AheadГетьман, А.П.; Arjjumend, H.; Koiutouki, K.; Getman, A.P.
2011Ukrainian state and law at the turn of the 21st centuryTatsiy, V.Ia.; Тацій, В.Я.
2017Using interactive whiteboard at English lessons for law studentsHolubnycha, L.O.; Голубнича, Л.О.; Shatrava, S.
2013Using Multimedia in EFL TeachingМіщенко, В.Я.