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Title: Бінарна опозиція «свобода-відповідальність» в інформаційному суспільстві: до постановки проблеми
Other Titles: Бинарная оппозиция «свобода-ответственность» в информационном обществе: к постановке проблемы
Binary opposition «freedom-responsibility» in informative society: raising the problem
Authors: Дзьобань, О.П.
Дзебань, А.П.
Dzeban, A.P.
Мануйлов, Є.М.
Manuylov, E.M.
Keywords: відповідальність
інформаційне суспільство
віртуальні комунікації
информационное общество
виртуальные коммуникации
informative society
virtual communications
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: видавництво "Право"
Citation: Дзьобань О. П. Бінарна опозиція «свобода-відповідальність» в інформаційному суспільстві: до постановки проблеми / О. П. Дзьобань, М. Є. Мануйлов // Вісник Національного університету «Юридична академія України імені Ярослава Мудрого». Серія: Філософія. – Харків, 2016. – Вип. 1. – С. 15–26.
Abstract: Показано, що в інформаційному суспільстві спостерігається сутнісна трансформація поняття свободи й відповідальності. Обґрунтовується, що завдяки специфічним віртуальним характеристикам інформаційного суспільства соціальні суб’єкти отримують унікальні можливості для реалізації особистої свободи, які певною мірою можуть заходити у суперечність із відповідальністю.
Показано, что в информационном обществе наблюдается сущностная трансформация понятия свободы и ответственности. Обосновывается, что благодаря специфическим виртуальным характеристикам информационного общества социальные субъекты получают уникальные возможности для реализации личной свободы, которые в определенной степени могут вступать в противоречие с ответственностью.
Description: It is shown that there is essence transformation of concept of freedom and responsibility in informative society. It is shown, that the modern stage of development of civilization is characterized by destruction of cultural traditions, devaluation of the national valued systems and lining up the new on a base values of the western world, and also by the global crisis of responsibility. It is shown that as the basic circulated models come forward: society of consumption, mass culture, freedom in the western understanding, modernisation of western type as vector only faithful development of any public system. These reference-points are translated and fastened through the channels of mass communication. Together with them new axiological reference-points, as that pluralism, nihilizm and relativism, come forward in relations, are translated, that, in turn, results in the innermost crisis of all types of responsibility. Thus, the odern stage of development of society is characterized deeply by contradictory tendencies in the field of politics, economy, culture, that shows up in the crisis of responsibility. Attention actualized on that all these processes require a serious scientific comprehension and analysis of the systems, sent to the exposure of specific features of this phenomenon for making of algorithm of actions, assisting a removal or even softening of existent contradictions. It is underlined that the virtualization of society can become reason of displacing of frames of society, that appeals to the crisis of political and ethic responsibility and requires the serious going near development of complex of measures, from one side, on informatively-psychological defense of personality, and, with other, on securing of all frames of society for an intergovernmental level. It is shown that on this stage of forming of culture of informative society of contradiction in a culture generated the system crisis of responsibility: ethic, political, economic, both on individual and on collective levels. In informative society, restructuring of cultural space caused transformation of cultural values. Now freedom becomes an attempt finally to break off with dependence on society, orientation on the extreme degree of individual desires and necessities, by absence of some responsibility before society. Humanity searches methods, how to attain all greater freedom, taking off traditional embargoes, renouncing an attempt to stick somebody’s will and what that was not authorities. Freedom becomes an end in itself. She accepts different forms: from freedom of speech, allowing to use an unnormative vocabulary in the spoken and writing language to taking off an embargo on doing drug and legalization of same-sex marriages. Such display of freedom serves reason of serious social contradictions. It is underlined that freedom of choice is unthinkable without responsibility for the consequences of the accomplished elections: by individuals, groups of people, including, as nations, people, nationalities, operating by means of frames of society and social educations, the top of that are the states, their unions and international institutes, creating norms, rules, orders and limitations for any world legal subject. Complete freedom can not be: under no circumstances, and not under what circumstances and than higher level of knowledge of people about the place and role in the world, the possible limits of freedom and absence of freedom become more determined, their veritable sense is opened and a value is grasped. Collective freedom and complementary absence of freedom, I am not that another, as objective and that is why immutable knowledge of associations of people about the maximum borders of the safe existence, the following exposes infinite possibilities of common to all mankind development. It is shown that over globalization, as concomitant to informatively-technological revolution process, brings to globalization of irresponsible behavior, and also to globalization of consequences of such irresponsibility. At existent contradictions and conflicts becomes obvious, that global irresponsibility becomes not only a threat to the individuals or task forces, but to all frames of society, and also planet on the whole. Authorial position is grounded, that the degree of responsibility must be straight proportional to possibilities (first of all technical) of society, that society must revise the system of moral values, produce the mechanisms of defense, that principle of responsibility will be the basis of. This principle must imply maximization of all kinds and levels of responsibility, and also, taking into account interdependence of all elements of society and dependence of nature from the actions of man, making of intergovernmental ethic conception that would predetermine transformation of economic, political and legal relations.
URI: http://nbuv.gov.ua/UJRN/Vnyua_2016_1_4
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