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Название: Децентралізація влади: міжнародний досвід
Другие названия: Децентрализация власти: международный опыт
Decentralization of power: the international experience
Авторы: Величко, В.О.
Ключевые слова: децентралізація влади
гілки влади
розподіл влади
місцеве самоврядування
місцевий референдум
децентрализация власти
децентрализация управления
централизация власти
ветви власти
разделение властей
разделение властей в государствах Европейского Союза
разделение властей в зарубежных государствах
местное самоуправление
местное самоуправление в зарубежных странах
местное самоуправление в Украине
местные референдумы
decentralization of power
division of powers
local government
local referendum
Дата публикации: 2014
Библиографическое описание: Величко В. О. Децентралізація влади: міжнародний досвід / В. О. Величко // Державне будівництво та місцеве самоврядування : зб. наук. пр. – Харків, 2014. – Вип. 28. – С. 12–22.
Аннотация: У статті аналізуються проблеми децентралізації влади в Україні та проблеми реформування місцевого самоврядування, а також розглядається міжнародний досвід у цій сфері.
Анализируются проблемы децентрализации власти в Украине и проблемы реформирования местного самоуправления, а также рассматривается международный опыт в этой сфере.
Описание: Analyzes the problems of decentralization of power in Ukraine, and the problem of reforming the local government, and is also considered international experience in this field. The problem of decentralization of power today is extremely important, especially for Ukraine, given the situation in our country. The concept of decentralization is mentioned in the Constitution of Ukraine, st.132, which states that the territorial structure of Ukraine is based on the principles of unity and territorial integrity, combination of centralization and decentralization of state power. Decentralization of power in Ukraine is currently a priority for the new rulers of our country. This decentralization issues for a long time is in the field of scientists, despite the successful experience of its implementation in the European Union. Local self-government is one of the fundamental principles of modern democratic system, the embodiment of people’s power in a specific manner and at the appropriate level. It provides for an independent address local issues in the public interest subdivision by law. At the same time, local government – a form of public authority, which is implemented by specific actors – local communities and formed by them, has a special facility – local issues and is based on a specific type of property – local (municipal) property. The above essential features characterize the specific nature of local government and determine its specific place in the public power of the state. Please remember that political centralization for democracy is dangerous because under such circumstances the activities of all government in society depends solely on the will of the state, and all government institutions in the country – subordinate. Instead, democratic state tries to involve the public in the exercise of public functions in order to better meet the comprehensive needs of modern man. Within the democratic system is considered, and, in our opinion, quite rightly, that local issues appropriately and efficiently solve not through the center of government officials who work in the field, and especially by supporting and revitalizing communities. The value of local government is that, as the level of public authorities, closest to man, and therefore the best conversant with the daily challenges of life residents of local communities, it can best provide the population with a wide range of public services: social, domestic, commercial, cultural, education and others. Therefore, decentralization of power today is an urgent problem that needs to be resolved through research, analysis and use (including national traditions of local authorities) experience of developed system of local government.
URI: http://dspace.nlu.edu.ua/handle/123456789/7492
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